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FIC! Remix!

Fix the badfic panel.

Original author: soundingsea, for writercon 1.
Remix: I didn't dare touch the purity of the original, so.... I just let altavista take care of it for me.

...it got me free candy, ok?

The original:

"Well pet your, just so nummy" declared the bleached blonde peroxied Master Vampire to the one-eyed carpenter. Yes we never loved those girls, they were just mean and picked on us. Why aren't we shagging right now?

Well don't you to bite; and claim me first Spike my love? queried Xandar as he simulated his prostrate.

Yes! Spike roared and bit deep into his Xan-pet. They both shuddered and cummed from the pleasure. Then they went and picked out curtians. They were bonded for life and the Scoobies took a long time to understand the puruty of there luv of them but they don't care.

The remix

"good the domestic animal yours, hardly therefore nummy" has declared the blonde candeggiato peroxied vampire matrix to the carpenter one-eyed. Yes we did not love never those girls, medium single and they were selected on we. Why not shagging hour? Sink you do not bite; and demands it first point my love? Interrogated Xandar as it has simulated its prostrate ones. Yes! The point has roar and bite in depth in its domestic Xan-animal. It is shuddered that cummed the pleasure. Then they have gone to select the curtians. They have been legacies for life and the Scoobies has occorr much time to understand the purity here of luv of they but they are not taken care.

English to Italian to English, FWIW.
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