I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

State of the Me

  1. So uh... yes, I made it back from Writercon. Not that you could tell that from the dating on my last 2 entries, which were made from Writercon. And have finally finished preparing The Adventures of Wee Xander and Wee Bridgey At Writercon.

    I also met and spent much time with people there who unlike kimera were not small enough to fit in my pocket. But that con report may go unreported due to the above one wiping out my brainpower for at least the next week.

  2. Yes, I got a tattoo. No, you can't see it, nyah. ...probably. Depending on who you are.

  3. So last Friday we walked out of the house in the morning to go to work and found the vent-windows in each of the back doors of the Caprice smashed in. Niiiiiice. Amusingly, we think they were trying to steal the car itself (despite its condition of 17 year old crapitude, it's apparently a status symbol in our inner-city neighborhood, plus there was nothing visible that's steal-worthy, and the radio is clearly the original and only a tape-deck), and were foiled in that by the fact that the handles on both back doors are broken.

  4. So we drove toward work with broken windows, and I said (paraphrased over several conversations) "You know, if you're calling in to take the day off, so am I, so you might as well stop driving toward work, and start driving towards a car dealership, because that was seriously the last straw and there's no point in putting cosmetic money into a car that has serious mechanical and structural damage."

  5. And then we went to the off-lease lot for our credit union and the third car we so much as glanced at was a 2003 Taurus wagon with auto-everything, a cd-player, and working AC, none of which applies to the Caprice, for yay reasonable price and 5 hours later we were the proud owners of the first ever bought-and-financed-by-me motor vehicle.

  6. Fandom High student and teacher applications for the fall semester are open. *pimps*

  7. Xander, having graduated and received uncharacteristically good grades, is going home to UC Sunnydale. :-\ *clings*

  8. I'm not. *polishes shiny new potential character*
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