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I want to re-do my recs page. I just, um, don't want to re-do my recs page. You know, actually doing the work. But it's been up for ages, and I'm redesigning the site anyway, and... argh. But it means I have to go look up URLS. And make tables. And decide if a threesomes theme actually makes sense.

Blergh. I want to send away for a pre-made recs page. "Yes, I'd like a list of well written s/x/? threesomes, preferably with no character death, and could you say clever things about them that (impossibly, since you did note the use of the word clever, right?) sound like I wrote the commentary? Yes, snarkiness is appropriate, but only in the general notes, not the story recs. Kink is always good. Please submit examples of your best work, along with a self-addressed, stamped e-mail..."

Er. No. Though I will take recs for three-or-moresomes that involve S/X, with no character death, if anyone wants to drop them my way. Can't guarantee I'll *like* them, which is the point of putting them on my recs page, but I'll read 'em. (Thus the "no character death," because I won't read it, and I won't rec what I haven't read.) In most cases, it would probably be a reminder, rather than a "Here's a fic you haven't read," since I gobble up most of the S/X that comes my way -- but there's always the chance of one I've missed, which is nice, too.

Addendum Please don't say "The Stranger Things Series." Just cutting y'all off at the pass on that one. Yes, it's good, yes, it's threesomeish. I just already know about it, and have read it at least twice, and have already recced it on its own merits. It'll probably end up on the page, but I'll save yer the trouble of pointing it out. ;-)

Sodding nightmare!


2002-03-02 04:24 pm (UTC) (Link)

Yes, recs pages. I hate 'em. I mean I luvvem. Other peoples that is. I ramble thru, click, read, lurve!

Trying to do one is a major drama. Every time I try to put one together I think I'm reccing stuff that everyone has already read, or that they will hate (and thus think I'm a total wanker), or that I'm being willfully obscure to be interesting...

I've tried to put one up a couple of times. Given up entirely.

I shall however attempt to wrack useless brain, and mail you tomorrow any good "S/X+1 where no-one snuffs it" fics that have tweaked me.

(Do tunes count? Happy to do a re-mix on the S/X tune for ya. Name a third that tweaks ya, and I'll joyfully slap 'em into the mix!)


2002-03-03 11:24 am (UTC) (Link)

The "Matter of" series by Kay. Her site is at
It's long, but good, Spike/Xander/Angel/Doyle.


2002-03-03 11:56 am (UTC) (Link)

Okay, I'm sure you've already thought of it, but I'll mention it anyway: Pet's "Education" series is riddled with three-way and four-way action. Rawr.

Also, Jen's (Saturn Girl's) "Power Struggle" series is mostly S/X but also has some S/X/Anya. It's very good and she doesn't even kill poor Xander off :)


2002-03-04 05:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

"Let's Talk About Sex" by Estepheia. =)