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MadPoetess is not gonna be online for a while

She's done something to her back, or maybe it's done something on it's own, all I can say is that the thing is done and it was worth a trip to the emergency room and a prescription for Valium and [something else that she can only take twice a day-yeeks!]

She can't sit or stand for very long and not at all without pain, so she's currently in the guest room having a lie-down. she is currently "very bored, achey, and not at all tired."

In case you were wondering... I'm her roomie, Maeyan. She said that Wolfling knew (they were, I believe, IRCing for a while on Saturday, despite her back) and I thought everyone else should know too.

Just FYI, the emergency room nurse-practicioner (sp?) said that she was to rest for the next 24 hours, in addition to doing some back-stretching exercises and taking the pills.

Since she's been in pain *since* Saturday, we dunno when she'll be back online. Although, if I know her, she'll try her damnedness to be back as soon as she can sit up long enough...

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