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At a loss here, but - fannish sadness and a PSA

I wasn't sure what to believe when this comment about tenebraeli was left on my most recent public post; the person it's about and the person who left it have had issues in the past that made me wonder if it wasn't a rather sick prank, especially since there was a mostly positive entry in Olwen's journal for the date in question. I still have some questions about the phrasing and details in the comment, because that's not how the situation between them rested as I understood it from Olwen herself.

I would've been much more pleased to discover that it was a prank, though, than to find an obituary in the Monterey Herald, but sadly, there is one. Unless that isn't genuine, Olwen has passed away. No details were given beyond what you can read in the links there, and I have none.

The PSA part is this: if the comment about Olwen's computer is accurate, and assuming it does offer access to her LJ either because the password is stored on it or because she left it logged in, those who have her friended and/or on sensitive filters might want to change that, if you don't want people who are not Olwen to have access to your locked posts.

ETA: Some additional information from brangwy, which seems to confirm what I'm sure a lot of us were thinking.

ETA2: Also, there's a guestbook on the obituary, for those who wish to leave personal messages.


2006-10-17 05:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thanks for this, it helps to know some more of the details. Olwen was a beautiful, kind, good person, and she suffered far more than anyone deserves.

I wish I could have met her -- I will never cease being sad that I didn't get the chance (we were meant to go out to California in August and couldn't). Sometimes she made me upset and frustrated, but it was only because I cared so much and hated to see the pain she was in.

The world is just that bit darker, sadder, without her.


2006-10-18 03:36 am (UTC) (Link)

I understand, truly. If you come back to this page, scroll up. I just spammed poor mdpoetess with a huge update.