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Peeking in

Hey. Am really, actually me. Am propped up with heating pad in good computer chair (aka, not mine, which is a metal folding chair) and attempting to psych myself up for {egads} going back to work tomorrow. Pointedly ignoring muscle spasms in lower back, because, after all, what are muscle spasms in lower back for, if not to be pointedly ignored?

Thanks muchly for all the well-wishing, virtual chocolate (and offers of real) and nekkid clones - will attempt individual replies when I can actually sit down at the PC for longer than ten minutes straight. Ditto on lovely LOC from Tham -- will say thank you now, and more when brain is working. James, hang in there -- only, um.... lots more days to go. But I will write you distracting

Finally figured out who Dominic Monaghan reminded me of-- Dominic Monaghan! Er, I mean, Merry is the boyo who played Hetty Wainthropp's assistant in the Hetty Wainthropp Investigates series. Yee-haw! Now it'll stop niggling at me. (Though, if you Merry-fanciers want to see him looking young, scruffy, and sweetly clueless? Look no further.)

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2002-03-06 07:00 pm (UTC) (Link)

Yeah, for about another 5 minutes, I think. but I can kinda stand and kinda walk, and kinda sit, sorta. All in all, my life is difinitively...undefined.

And because my body has a sense of humor, and sitting and standing are the least comfortable positions, my neck has decided to get a kink in it so that it's uncomfortable to lie down.

/me shoots self. With imaginary drugs.