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1. Helloooooo Indiana House-majority. I have missed you so.
2. Happy Birthday, rhi_silverflame!
3. Neverwhere (canon or FH): 5 Things Door's Not Telling Anyone

  1. She'd sleep with de Carabas in a heartbeat if she could be sure who'd end up in whose debt, there. She wouldn't even care if it were her on the oweing side of the scale in the morning - it's just the uncertainty, and the fact that she's positive he'd know somehow, and never tell her.

  2. Once, she wished her brother and sister would go away and never come back. She was seven. She didn't know what dying meant and she didn't use the word, even in her head, but just for a second, she wished it were just the three of them again, Daddy and Mother and Door, and now... she remembers that. She knows it doesn't mean anything, she's not ashamed of it, but she remembers.

  3. She can still hear the exact sound a human heart makes when you hold it in your hand and squeeze. If she ever needs to vomit on command, all she has to do is think of it.

  4. She'd like to hear it again. Twice. Assuming Mister Croup and Mister Vandemar still have hearts.

  5. Sometimes after the twentieth repetition of 'yes, like the thing you walk through, no, there's no one in my family named Window,' she'd love to just tell them it's short for Doreen. Then punch them in the face.

4. ETA: Rumsfeld has resigned.
5. I don't even need a 5.
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