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They fixed the width on the entry box. Happy holidays to me. *still thinks userpic belongs at the bottom with mood, since that's what it's intended to convey, but whatever* That change I can deal with.

I have holiday cardses! From wesleysgirl and someone who sent their cards through the Pony Express and forgot to put return addresses on them. ;-) Yay, thank yous! *spins yous*

And now, as you do, pointless meme:

From all over my f'list, but timjr most recently.

In 2006 did you:

Fall in love with someone that was just a friend?
....maybekindaalittle? *frowns at that answer*

Fall in Love at all?
See above.

Lose any friends?
Very sadly, yes. Though not in the sense of having quarreled with anyone.

Make any new friends?
Happily, yes.

Make any new enemies?
I hope not.

Develop any new hobbies?
I rediscovered the ability to solo-write, though I'm still not really up to writing fanfic in the strictest sense.

Get older?
...as you do.

Do anything you regret?
Quite a few, yes.

Go to any parties?
Mostly I had more fun skipping out on parties and eating ice cream.

Accomplish anything?
Rewrote three seasons of BtVS in four months, with a lot of help from my friends. That was... painful but rewarding.

Make much money?
Nowhere near enough.

Attend a wedding?
Not this year.

Attend a funeral?

Get any new family members?
Not close ones.

Move away?

Gain any new perspectives?
Quite a few.

Get into a verbal fight?
Mrrrf. Does shouting at the governor through my computer screen count?

Get into a physical fight?
Only with my metabolism.

Attend any sporting events?
Not so much. Count the emo tears.

Get arrested?
Nay. My car was broken into, however. Not stolen, but more or less trashed.

Wreck your car?
No, but see above.

Get a new car?
Yes. See above.

Make any big purchases?
Yes. See above.

Get kicked out of a store, restaurant or any other kind of business?
Ha! No, except for the 'um, we're closing' sort of thing conveyed by lights starting to go off.

Get fired from a job?
Not I!

Get offered a job?
Nopes. OTOH nor have I applied for any.

Get a raise at a job?
No. *eyes new state government pay-increase system* If I get one, it won't be until April. Did get a one-time bonus, though, for website work. That was nice.

Learn anything?
In every arena, yes.

Dump your bf/gf?
Would have to have one, for that. Though I could semi-echo timjr and say I separated from my fake internets bf without quite formally breaking up. We're now fake-seeing other fake-people, which happens when you're fake-stuck a fake-dimension and several fake-years away from one another.

Get dumped by your bf/gf?
See above.

Develop any new health problems?
Nope, got healthier, mostly.

Change as a person?
Not as much as I'd like to, more than I expected.

Get any new piercings?

Get any new tattoos?

Attend a concert?

Crowd surf?

Travel out of state?
Yeps yeps yeps!

Read any books?
Yis! Most of the Lioness Quartet, for starters.

Travel out of the country?
Yeps! *waves to Copilot*

Spend much money?
More than I should have. *leaves timjr's answer there*

Download any music?
That would be wroooooong. *also leaves timjr's answer there*

Try out any new looks?
See above re tattoo? Also I streakied my hair, which is not new, but I hadn't done it in a while.

Sign up for a myspace?

Sign up for a facebook?
Also yeahno.

Eat a food that you had never eaten before?
Yups! Several types of sushi. Plus I now kind of like beans, which is just weiiiiird.

Go golfing?

Go bowling?

Start to resent something or someone that you used to like?
Hmm. Maybe. Mostly the things.

In 2006, how many....

Different places did you work?
Just the one.

Times did you go out drinking?
Purely for that purpose? None.

Times did you smoke marijuana?

Drugs did you take?
Are we counting the barrels of Aleve?

Times did you have health problems?
None, really, besides neck/headaches.

Times did you go to the movies?
...Onceish? I really cannae remember any, beyond PotC II.

Concerts did you attend?

Times did you get your ass kicked?
Figuratively? Oh work, how you mock me.

Times did you attend church?
I don't. So 0. Or 365 if you go with the 'God is everywhere' explanation, which I'd like to.

Bad habits did you pick up?
Do we count sleeping on my office floor? (At home.) Yes, we probably do.

Rough nights did you have?
...I would say see above, but the truth is the office floor is easier on my back than my bed is.

In 2006, what was:

Your favorite day of the year?

Your favorite band?
...Captain Tractor.

Shut up.

Your least favorite day of the year?
I've had several, and would rather not rehash any of them.

Your favorite movie?
Uh. What timjr said. PoTC: DMC

Your favorite song of the year?
It's currently Your Mistake by Sister Hazel, but it tends to change weekly.

The most expensive thing you stole?
According to RIAA?

The biggest event you attended?
Hmm. Writercon?

Something that didn't change at all this year?
My ability to inadvertantly put my foot in my mouth despite a level of paranoia that you'd think would preclude it.

Your favorite holiday?
Um. Actually most of the holidays this year including my birthday have been kind of sucky, for various reasons. Thanksgiving was nice.

Misc. questions about 2006 A.D
Were you in a hospital this year?
For once, no!

Were you in an ambulance this year?
No. Never been in one.

Did you make any big confessions in 06?
Not really. The biggest one I made is sort of no longer accurate, and that one wasn't any huge suprise to the person who heard it.

Did you make friends with anyone of the opposite sex?
Quite a few.

Embarrassed about anything you did this year?

What's the best thing to happen to you this year?
I don't know. It's not over yet.

Did you meet anyone that you could see yourself marrying?

Did anyone you have no feelings for confess to having feelings for you?
Yeahuh no.

Did you bring sexy back this year?
Oh my god shut up with that song.

Was 2006 a great year, an average year or a bad year?

What goals did you set for 2007?
Enjoying it.
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