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1. Happy Birthday to wesleysgirl, and WOE that I could not be saying it at connexions this year.

2. Happy belated Birthday to sarabi, because I am a dorkon (It's like a dork and a moron, but sounds more science-fictiony like it could actually be cool. It's not.) who remembered to wish her husband one, when hers is the same. freakin. week. aksdjaslkj.

3. Post-Chosen Xander and post-RotJ Anakin Skywalker (recently de-Vader'd, now in a clone body) are comparing woeful pasts and body-part loss over coffee. This has been your fandomhigh snicker of the day. (Anakin wins the physical agony part, no contest. Except he's hampered by the fact that Xander doesn't know he used to be Vader. And his current body's not missing any bits.)
Tags: holidays/presents, rpg: fandom high, xander
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