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Did my federal taxes. Cried when I realized my bloody health insurance company going from private to publically owned and paying the members off in cash instead of stock, was going to mean I had to do the capital gains schedule. Cried. The IRS sucks. Except I decided, on review of the tax statement my HMO sent me, that I didn't have to do Evil Schedule D after all, and could just write down the amount. I did actually have to figure capital gains tax, though. It was bizarre.

I swear by all that's holy that I'm getting back more money after doing it than before. I think. Better refund than I've ever gotten before, anyway, which probably has something to do with all the deductible mortgage and student loan interest. First full year of mortgage, and first year when I didn't have a million forbearances on my student loans.

What else.
Paid all bills except telephone. This is an accomplishment for us, it is. Course, telephone must be paid soon, internet connection being the most important household need, after heat in March!

Mailed ConneXions app/check! Finally. Oddly enough, this morning, I finally received a note saying I'd been approved for the listserv, after a month of languishing in pending status. Odd because, when I say that I mailed my app, I mean, I put it in the postbox at 3 on Saturday, which means it was still there this morning as we went out the door for work, and will be picked up in about an hour. So one act had no relation to the other.

Thought for about two seconds of offering to co-mod the Buffy panel, because they need one. Then smacked myself in the head. I've never *been* to a non-media con before. Never been to a panel. My job is to sit in the back and smile and nod and take in exactly what happens at these things, not volunteer to look like a moron because I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Answered lots of e-mail. Got from 100+ in my inbox, to 71, and some of those don't actually have to be answered -- just have to go through and remember which ones they are. Whee!

Now, work. Where I shall attempt to be as organized and accomplished as I was this weekend. Bwhahahaha.

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