I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Bullet points

  • I have survived Comic-Con and am so totally going back next year.

  • I have presents for some peoples. *eyes extra "Vote Petrelli" button*

  • There will be pictures eventually. (Though since they're mostly of people, I'mma lock them to people who were actually there. As you do.)

  • It's so hot in my house that I am looking forward to going to work in the morning just because there is air conditioning there.

  • Oh, LJ, no.

  • Oh, {some parts of} fandom, plz try to react in a sane manner that doesn't make us look dumb.

  • Example of same.

  • I am staying here, though I am also there and there.

  • Invisible family can has our cheeseburgers. *waves to kimera, rhi_silverflame, shadowriter, diannelemerc, and lizbetann*

  • *looks forward to Gencon for maeyan and I will have a justhuman yay*

  • *misses copilot woe*

Tags: cheeseburgers, cons: sdcc, fandom, invisible family, oh lj you so unfunny
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