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Insert expletive here.

Someday, I'll write something positive here, aside from the occasional fandom squee.

But not today.

Car blew something in the engine/cooling system the night before last. Yesterday, we left it home, since I don't have the extra days off to deal with it, and J had a meeting she had to be at work for. Today, she dropped me off and did the "Please help me, my car is blowing steam all over the place and I'm a weak and feeble woman (with the stomach and liver of a cast-iron elephant) who defers to your mighty expertise" routine that I usually do.

Blown head-gasket. On a 1989 Chevy Caprice. Price of fixing is, as has been regaled to us before re another car, roughly equal to buying a new/rebuilt engine. This car's 13 years old. It has numerous other things wrong with it, including a transmission that's slipping, according to a dealer who fixed one of the other unending problems. In other words, the car is more or less a write-off.

We don't have the money for a new car. Even a new used car. Not one that we wouldn't immediately have to put another 1-2 k into to fix whatever's wrong with it. I damn well don't want to spend what would've been my flight money to get to ConneXions on it, but that's rather moot because even *with* that 200-odd, we'd still not have the cash. And we're not going to talk about credit. Mine is questionable, but might pass muster; J's is nonexistent.

Waiting for word from my uncle (whose car it really is) on what he wants us to do. Fix it? Sell it? Give it back to him? He's bought every car I've ever owned, in one way or another - bought the first four, traded me his second car for my dead one, in this case. It's weird and bizarre and scary to contemplate having to buy my own, or more accurately, not being *able* to buy my own.

I'm not whining the whine of a still-adolescent adult who's finally going to have to take financial responsibility here -- really I'm not. Hello, bought her own house? Without a cent of parental help, I might add. I'm just... whining. Or freaking. Or something. Because yes, bought (co-bought) my own house. Paid capital gains tax this year, even if Schedule D did make me cry. But now that said house is bought, there's a mortgage payment. And two credit card bills. And student loan payment. And electric bill. And phone bill. And gas bill. And cable bill, though that one is the most expendable, of course. Car payments... .are not going to happen.

Freaking. Freaking. Can't get anyplace without a car. Bus system is scary and sucky, and doesn't go half the places in town that we end up needing to go. Can't *be* without a car. Blargh.

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