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Oh, for [insert here]'s sake.

This is not the latest LJ update to their policies on adult-content in journals. It's the policy that has existed since 2004. Someone in fandom just finally stumbled upon it for some reason (or got reported under it) and again with the sky falling.

ETA: And it's not. Falling. What this policy says: IF you are reported for having someone under 18 on your friendslist AND you post primarily stuff that LJ deems pornographic, THEN you will be warned by LJ staff, AND you will have 72 hours to lock the porn and remove any stated minors and/or people who don't list a full birthdate from your friendslist.

Yes, LJ/6A have handled things incredibly badly and seem likely to continue to do so, but can fandom please try looking at the things we read so when we argue with idiots, we don't come off looking like idiots ourselves?

(ETA again - I'm not saying that pointing these policies out and encouraging people to be aware of them is idiotic - far from it. But it's not new, and it's seriously not a bad policy - it is in fact hugely better than the strikethrough related ones because it gives very very detailed descriptions of what will happen and the several chances a user will have to correct the problem. So please, fandom, to be actually reading them, rather than just reacting to their existence.)

This cranky PSA brought to you by dealing with the tech support moron who is failing to fix my Photoshop problem in spectacularly moronic ways, up to and including not letting me go to lunch yet because she keeps calling back to take over my computer again and try something else I have already tried and could tell her I've already tried it if she'd kasjdhlaksjdhka listen.
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