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Apparently-annual whiney now vacating canadia post
Waaaaah. Dunwanna.

I miss maeyan and mah kittiez, but dunwanna leave kimera. Clearly the solution is that she must come home with me in my pocketses. Well, just one of them.


I need to win great heaping gobs of monies in the lottery so I can fly halfway across the continent every weekend or so. *nods*


I has a Canadaphone! Because Virgin Mobile US and AT&T prepaid both suck rocks and have no Canadian roaming. So I folded and just bought a Virgin Mobile CA phone. Which, unshockingly, has American roaming.

Had pannekoek! Mmmmm, pannekoek. And far too much pasta from Boston Pizza, and had lunch at White Spot with electrik, but did not order it in a pirate ship. :-( Next time!

Was not mistaken for kimera's mother! Pagliacci's staff may have thought we were on a date, however. Oh noes!

Made pie! Did not explode kimera's kitchen, though did bump my head on her cabinet doors several times. SHORT PEOPLE! *shakes fist* (This becomes funnier when you know that I'm 5'2".)

Watched mass quantities of Little Mosque On the Prairie, B5, Power Rangers In Space, Scrubs, Blackadder, Donald Strachey mysteries, a bit of Avatar, and...uh. Things. Which I am sure I will remember later. Ah - Big Eden and Hard Core Logo which I was brave and did not ask kimera to turn off before the last bits. This may be due to having already seen the last bits in a vid, lalala.

There are still were Nanaimo Bars on the table! To eat before we leave for the airport! And then we ate them before I finished this post!

There is a Tim Horton's in the airport!

Other: Also I am thinking deeply about this, despite it being a Creation Con and thus costing a bazillion dollars per air molecule breathed on the premises, because well, Nicky.

Other Other: Stalkery-memeey thingy.

ETA: 1. There are 5.5 meatballs still in the fridge. (And about 4 nanaimo bars, I thinks.) 2. kimera has called a taxi to come and take us away to the airport. 3. Can it be Comic-Con 2008 tiem nau?

Re: ah!


2007-10-31 05:56 am (UTC) (Link)

Not to mock your loss, or anything, but

Woot! MP is coming home yay! Now I must do as much as I can of what I was *supposed* to do while she was gone. AND take a shower and get some sleep before her plane comes in at 7. meep.

But YAY!

Uhm. I mean, "there. There." *pats you*