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I have nothing of interest to anyone to say. Except that I found myself typing this sentence into an e-mail today, and had to laugh:

"Yes, I can see where html would be a bad thing to have, in website code."

Was being sarcastic to the poor programmer who just can't seem to get our (cgi-based, I think) database working properly, but still. Surreality abounds.

Nothing to complain about. Meh. What fun is that? Tonight, I shall change cat litter. Because this is a thing that must be done. Then, I shall take off all those links at the top of my LJ to people who have LJ-s of their own and are on my frinds list anyway. I think. Gotta redesign it somehow, because right now, it makes little sense. Originally, the idea was that *I* read them on my friends page, but fannish people who jump to my lj from my website might want to jump straight to someone e'se's journal. Now? Eh. I know not.

Redesign? Answer e-mail? Write demon-bashing, yes'm. Confrontations. Smut? Percy? DP dating? Novel-length X/G? Feed cats. They will appreciate it.

James, check my previous entry, just in case it's scrolled so far back on your friends page that you've washed your hands of it.