I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

I have nothing of interest to anyone to say. Except that I found myself typing this sentence into an e-mail today, and had to laugh:

"Yes, I can see where html would be a bad thing to have, in website code."

Was being sarcastic to the poor programmer who just can't seem to get our (cgi-based, I think) database working properly, but still. Surreality abounds.

Nothing to complain about. Meh. What fun is that? Tonight, I shall change cat litter. Because this is a thing that must be done. Then, I shall take off all those links at the top of my LJ to people who have LJ-s of their own and are on my frinds list anyway. I think. Gotta redesign it somehow, because right now, it makes little sense. Originally, the idea was that *I* read them on my friends page, but fannish people who jump to my lj from my website might want to jump straight to someone e'se's journal. Now? Eh. I know not.

Redesign? Answer e-mail? Write demon-bashing, yes'm. Confrontations. Smut? Percy? DP dating? Novel-length X/G? Feed cats. They will appreciate it.

James, check my previous entry, just in case it's scrolled so far back on your friends page that you've washed your hands of it.
Tags: state of the me
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