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Uhhhh - (Buffy Season 8 Thought)
Updating my "Where my RP Xander's world took a left turn from canon" post led me to go, "Wait, what?" I'm not sure the thought hadn't niggled at me before, but apparently I let it slide until I actually had reason to poke myself (not dirty) about cause and effect.

Those of y'all who are current with BtVS Season 8 comics (actually, just up to the end of the first arc), riddle me this.

How the hell did the First Evil appear as Warren to Andrew in Season 7, if, according to Amy in the S8 comics, he didn't die when Willow flayed him?

It may have been discussed in fandom already; I haven't really been hunting down meta on the comics. Or there may have been a reference that explains it in the text itself that I missed.


2008-01-09 12:52 am (UTC) (Link)

then he brought back one of my favourite characters -- and killed him for, as far as I can tell, mostly shock value. That's when I put my fingers in my ears and went "la, la, la, la, can't hear you (read you?)" about season 8.

Heh, yeah. That was "well, I'm done. What? You want these? Here you go, enjoy" time for me. WTF, Joss. No Ethan/Giles scene? Or Ethan & Giles, I'm not that picky? Sheesh.

The car issue in the SPN comics annoyed me (since Metallicar is my favorite character tied with Dean).

*waves to Mpoetess; the Warren thing is even more wtfery. Bleh.*