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Quick message to Shahar
On the off-chance that you happen to read my journal. You asked about beta-readers, and I tried to answer, but my reply has bounced twice now.

So, for the benefit of one viewer (and anybody who happens to be looking for Buffy-related beta-readers) :

There's a list of S/X beta readers at .
I've worked with both Firehorse and J Calanthe, and know that they're both very thorough, as well as friendly. Diana has never betaed for me, but I know her fairly well through e-mail exchanges, and from the quality of her own writing, and I'd surmise you couldn't go wrong with her either; she's a stickler for canon in canon-based stories, and an expert with Tara-voice. There are nine readers on the list, though, so if you've an S/X fic, I think there's a good chance you'll find someone willing and able.

There's also a central list for BtVS/Angel beta readers at the BtVS
Writers' Guild:

If it's not Buffy-related, I'm not sure where to send you, though
I'd bet a quick Google search for "beta readers" and "fandom name here" would work!


On a side-note -- if anyone would like to be added to the S/X beta readers list, check out the list for an idea of what to tell us about yourself, then drop James and I an e-mail at and we'll add you happily.

oooooh! No more Nyquil for you!


2002-03-19 08:03 pm (UTC) (Link)

Young lady!!!

"then drop James and I an e-mail"

!shouldn't that be "James and me"!

And no corny jokes about how I'm not you. (or rather I is not U, heh.)

[now watch as she pulls some magical grammar rule out of her ... hat ... that makes all of my years of public school ejimikation wrong and her sentence correct. Probably some rule about reflexive side tenses or some such nonsense. ^_^]

Re: oooooh! No more Nyquil for you!


2002-03-20 05:16 am (UTC) (Link)

No, it should be "and me" - insofar as "Drop me an e-mail" is correct grammar in the first place. I just felt like being wonky. It wasn't the nyquil, really, mom! I thought "That's wrong" after I wrote, and shrugged, because lo, I'm a lazy-arse.