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It's still Tuesday somewhere!
Happy Birthday, bestfictionalroomieever!


2008-03-05 07:28 am (UTC) (Link)

I have only just discovered your fanfic and I cannot imagine how I have missed out on it for so long. I am very impressed with it. Not only is it imaginative, but it is very well-written and literate - not qualities shared by all fanfic.

So far I have read

(a) Chocolatey Goodness: I am torn between being sorry that you never finished it and glad that you wrote as much of it as you did, but I can see why you did abandon it at that stage, and
(b) Getting Bent. You say that is to be continued - is it ? I hope so.

As you will gather, I like series, rather than one-offs, but I will try your single stories as well.

These seem to have been written quite a long time ago. Have you abandoned the Buffyverse for other pastures or are you still writing Spander ?

Oh, and I have flat feet and cats as well.


2008-03-05 04:25 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hi! And thank you so much for the kind words - I'm very glad you've enjoyed both series.

I'm still in the Buffyverse and reading S/X, but my writing of anything that's not an RPG has slowed down to almost non-existent in the past couple of years. (I've been busy playing Xander over at fandomhigh.)

Pretty much all my Spike/Xander fic is sort of indefinitely on hiatus. (Which... is different from Chocolatey Goodness in the sense that it's fairly unlikely I'll ever be able to pick CG back up and finish it, but I'll very likely write more Spike/Xander of some sort someday.)

I may manage to come up with another chapter of Getting Bent (it's a hair more likely than me figuring out a solid way to end CG that isn't an anti-climax) but the direction I'd planned to go got severely beaten up by the direction of the actual show, so it's not very likely, unless I get a sudden wild inspiration for an alternate direction. ...And actually start writing fanfic again at all, yes.

Series-wise, there's also Domestic Piranhas, which was co-written with zortified. It's a lot more AU and crack-addled than the other two, and bounces back and forth between Spike/Xander and Angel/Wes/Gunn, depending on the story.


2008-03-06 07:13 am (UTC) (Link)

Thanks for the update.

I can see what you mean about CG. I think that probably had gone about as far as it could. 'Getting Bent' on the other hand was just getting into its stride.

I am one of those who, while acknowledging the enormous debt to JW for creating my beloved Spike, wouldn't trust him an inch with the character because we feel he resented Spike's unplanned-for popularity.

For that reason I wouldn't let canon interfere with a good story. Just go off into AU.

I must go over and have a look at 'fandomhigh', since I've never been there. Thanks for the lead.