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PSA on the California Gay Marriage ruling

Nabbed from chicken_cem, a number you can call in the Governator's office to voice your support for it, whether or not you're a California resident.

As you presumably know, California's recent court decision regarding same-sex marriage was a huge deal. It was historic, long overdue, and took a hell of a lot of fighting.

Unfortunately (and not surprisingly) Governor Schwarzenegger is receiving tons of phone calls from the supporters of 'Limits on Marriage' (the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in California) about his comment to a group of Log Cabin Republicans that he wouldn't support a constitutional amendment which discriminates against gays by defining marriage as only being between a man and woman.

We don't want him to go back on his word. So he needs to hear from us, too.

Calling to voice your support for California's gay marriage ruling means calling an automated system; you won't have to talk to anyone. And you can call even if you're not from California. So please, the more the better.

The number is 1-916-445-2841; press 1 (For English unless you prefer another language), 5 (Hot Issues), 1 to get to the particular issue, then press 1 again if you want to support upholding the court decision and are against a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

I called, and yep, totally automated, and really quick (my cell says 1 minute 25 seconds exactly). So though I don't think it's toll-free, it also wouldn't be terribly expensive.
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