I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Yeah, sure, why not?

Aside from "Because you never post and when you do it's about RP and who are you again?"

So anyway RP meme, snagged from half my RP-connected flist

Game: fandomhigh. Like I can handle more than one game?

character: Xander Used-To-Be-Harris Carson
character lj: needsaparrot
series: BtVS, originally came from the end of season 3, now post-series. Waaaaay AU series.
muse strength: ...It's Xander.
cast strength: Top of the "Oh god not another one" list, though we actually only have two Buffyverse characters (Buffy and Andrew) on-island now. The rest (Xander, Angel, Lindsey, Willow, Dawn, Mel Fray) are alumni.
plotting capabilities: He's married and hanging out in the PR:SPD universe. If he gets involved in much of anything, it would be plots with other alumni. Plus there's a whole kid-in-a-jar issue.
other: He still hasn't told his parents he's married. Ahahahaha.
likelihood of drop: NEVEREVEREVEREVER.

character: Francine Peters
character lj: thatsamilkshake
series: Strangers in Paradise
muse strength: Still getting used to her. She's very passive, which is much like me, but since she's not super-thinky, I don't have inner monologue to fall back on.
cast strength: I has a Katchoo!
plotting capabilities: Most of the series awaits, so lots of potential for hijinks.
other: I am terrible at finding the energy to socialize student characters. I suck at small talk, and situations with the potential for multiple simultaneous threads of it, like common room posts, fill me with dread.
likelihood of drop: Not very likely, because see above re: Katchoo. Having tempted and enabled, it'd be crappy to flake out on her. But man do I need to get Francine out there with people not-Katchoo, so she doesn't turn into one of those "I only play within my canon so what am I doing in a panfandom game" characters.

character: *grin*
character lj:*grin*
series: *grin*
muse strength: Getting stronger.
cast strength: *grin*
plotting capabilities: Intriguing.
other: So much fun.
likelihood of drop: Highly unlikely.
Tags: rpg: fandom high, rpgs
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