I Blame the Dutch mpoetess
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Well, then.
...Yeah, so much for Writercon 2009.

Five days after Comic-Con is effectively no different than having them on the same weekend (as the last Writercon was) for anybody without great whopping masses of disposable income. And after two years Writercon-less, I've got a standing date with CC as the only chance I have to see certain people once a year. Writercon would have been my chance to see people I haven't seen in more than a year, but...

I'm disappointed but also kind of cranky, because this isn't a new issue, and it's not an improvement.


2008-10-06 07:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

I can't imagine they forgot to check it, because it was an issue for a lot of people last time. I'm guessing they had limited choices of date for whatever reason. But... yeah.

And I'm actually pleased by the location; it's close enough to the middle of the country for it not to be a no-chancer for my California and West Canucklehead friends. But not with that timing.