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Delayed - Reaction Squee!
I have plane tickets! For Baltimore. This means I'm really, actually, going to ConneXions. (Yes, I *was* in denial -- why do you ask?)

Also, finished links page for Pointy Stakes. Never want to look at little evil 100x35 buttons again. Until next time. 18 large story archives. 38 author archives. (Counting co-owned sites.) 6 art galleries, 12 photo-rich sites, and 6 just for your amusement places.

If you're a Buffy slash fan and you're still bored after going through all those little frigging buttons, you've got more free time than I do, and I want your job!

Button Bedlam


2002-03-30 12:48 am (UTC) (Link)

Lovely links page babes, and some of the authors are new to me, or I didn't know where to find their homes. I do now, so smut-fest ahead! Ta.

I have a little ahem... thing about linkbuttons. I think they are such cute little works of art, and I'm amused at the detail that's crammed into such a few pixels. I religiously chase round and get the new ones when folk re-design their sites, and can't bring myself to throw away the old ones... I have a little mini-art gallery here. And I do believe that 100 x 35 is the correct size for art now, and ran screaming from the Tate because "its all too big!"

It's probably not a harmful fixation. I mean I don't print them out and hide in a corner with them growling at passers by - that still only happens with chocolate!

Hmmm... maybe I should slap 'em all together and make a completely obsessive wallpaper for slash fans... (wanders away to do just that, instead of The Saturday Chores...)

Re: Button Bedlam


2002-03-30 10:22 pm (UTC) (Link)

Ooh, me, miss, pick me.... *waves hand about*

er. i have new buttons. for my site, i mean, in addition to the 30-odd on the links page that I had to make because those people didn't have 100x35 buttons for their sites.

plus, if you do make that wallpaper, I want it. I do.