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Delayed - Reaction Squee!
I have plane tickets! For Baltimore. This means I'm really, actually, going to ConneXions. (Yes, I *was* in denial -- why do you ask?)

Also, finished links page for Pointy Stakes. Never want to look at little evil 100x35 buttons again. Until next time. 18 large story archives. 38 author archives. (Counting co-owned sites.) 6 art galleries, 12 photo-rich sites, and 6 just for your amusement places.

If you're a Buffy slash fan and you're still bored after going through all those little frigging buttons, you've got more free time than I do, and I want your job!


2002-04-03 08:38 am (UTC) (Link)

So, if you see someone wandering around looking all lost &'ll be me.

Oh,, you and me both, honey. I've never been to a fan-only convention before, or a slash convention. I've only been to big media conventions where the main occupation is standing in line to get an actor's autograph or photograph.

I'll be the one with the newly re-dyed red hair, hanging out with Wolfling and trying not to look pathetically grateful to be around someone who's more familiar with the whole deal than I am!