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Yes, she finally signed up with Twitter.

  • 18:42 Full moon! -MP #
  • 18:51 @just3apples: it's really big and low! ....not dirty. -MP #
  • 22:46 Have not yet watched *last* week's SPN. Should, but OMFG tired. #
  • 00:30 Wish i were more awake than when i sat down, but alas no. Sleeeeeeeeeeps. -MP #
  • 08:05 - Aberdeen takes a shift at blankie-guarding. #
  • 08:13 @ydnam: yes it is naptime. Until we get to work. not driving. -MP #
  • 08:47 @eternalscribe that's innerbrat! -MP #
  • 13:27 I think the gold standard for DixieChicks-related lameness is that Goodbye Earl makes me cry. -MP #
  • 13:28 When they hit the "right away Mary Anne flew in from Atlanta" part. -MP #
  • 14:56 @freedomfry: i stabbed the straw through both sides and into my hand once. GOOD TIMES. -MP #

[Don't you wish I'd just stuck with posting once a month or when there's LJ/6Apart wank?]