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I can has holiday cards from justhuman, trepkos, and <3 my Copilot. Thankeeeee!

Also I can has BPAL, specifically my bottle of Lick It Like You Mean It, three purchased imps and 3 freebies.

Quickie Reviews

Lick It Like You Mean It
  • They say: Every holiday season should be full of lewd suggestions and filthy double entendres, right? Lick it in earnest! Lick it with vigor! Peppermint candy cane with an extra jolt of sugar.

  • I say: Smells like (but not exactly like - slightly less sweet) Lick It from 2006, which is why I bought it. Does what it says on the tin.

  • maeyan sez: Smells like puff peppermints, but not quite as good.

Nanshe (freebie)
  • They say: The Babylonian Goddess of Dreams, who bestows the power of Oneiromancy onto her priests. This blend opens up psychic sensitivity during sleep and aids in the understanding and correct interpretation of portents and symbols.

  • I say: Grassy with a hint of Lemon Pledge.

  • maeyan sez: Herbal tea leaves.

Himerus (freebie)
  • They say: The God of Sexual Desire, Longing and Yearning; an attendant of Eros and Aphrodite. A passion-rousing blend of juniper, sandalwood, rosewood, red musk, orchid, bergamot and lilac.

  • I say: Ugh, perfume. Specifically, heavy mixed florals, which are a one-way express ticket to Nausea City for me.

  • maeyan sez: I...can't remember and am too dizzy lazy to go downstairs and ask.

The Sea Foams Blood (freebie)
  • They say: When you return go alone, just you and the children and when you approach the beach then call for me:
    Zilvine, Zilvineli,
    If alive, may the sea foam milk
    If dead, may the sea foam blood...

    And if you see coming towards you foaming milk then know that I am still alive, but if blood comes then I have reached my end. While you, my children, let not the secret out, do not let anyone know how to call for me.

    Blood rising through an ocean wave.

  • I say: Mmm, dryer sheets!

  • maeyan sez: The sea foams Febreze!

Juke Joint (purchased)
  • They say: A bawdy, gleefully wicked and unruly scent: Kentucky Bourbon, sugar and a sprig of mint.

  • I say: Baby powder with a hint of fruit. This is supposed to smell like mint? RLY?

  • maeyan sez: Yeah, powdery.

Kill-Devil (purchased)
  • They say: Rum punch is not improperly called Kill-Devil; for thousands lose their lives by its means. When newcomers use it to the least excess, they expose themselves to imminent peril, for it heats the blood and brings on fevers, which in a very few hours send them to their graves. Sugar cane, molasses, oak wood, and honey.

  • I say: Om nom nom nom generic foody smell, of the figgy family.

  • maeyan sez: The burnt edge of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Undertow (purchased)
  • They say:The Dark Side of Water: clean and purifying, yet menacing -- lotus and juniper with a hint of mint. A scent dragged up from the depths to the Stygian shore

  • I say: Brachs Pick-A-Mix hard candy, lime flavor. Possibly stored next to the Starlight Mints, yes.

  • maeyan sez: No, cherry. The one that's been sitting at the bottom of the candy bowl for months.

/BPAL heathens.

The only one I actively dislike is Himerus.
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