I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Yes, she finally signed up with Twitter.

  • 20:39 We are playing trivial pursuit: pop culture edition. And we fail. -MP #
  • 20:44 Hahahaha "why do we play trivia games with Amy?" -MP #
  • 20:46 @butterflykiki: correct! -MP #
  • 22:11 @kajivar: Jamie says the glass ones look like toilet plungers and disturb him. -MP #
  • 22:17 More James quotage: "i'm not sure i could order sex toys from a man." -MP #
  • 22:18 @just3apples: Jamie wants to know which you'll be looking at when you can't see anything else. -MP #
  • 22:27 Maeyan: "who was raised from the dead by her scooby gang buddies to keep fighting evil....Velma?" me: "you are dead to me." -MP #
  • 22:30 @just3apples: Jamie says he is concerned by the fact that you can apparently fracture a penis. (i imagine his wife is too.) -MP #
  • 22:34 @just3apples: Jamie says "Google it." maeyan says "so men, don't google your penis." -MP #
  • 22:36 @andsayhello: The lone male in the room sez it's cringe-inducing if you do have one too. -MP #
  • 22:41 @kajivar: Hahaha we were just talking about that. -MP #
  • 22:43 @ladybug218: Glancing blow to the hardened spongy tissue when erect. Only happens during falls or sex. Usually female superior! -MP #
  • 22:44 *explains penile fractures in one text* -MP #
  • 22:45 @eternalscribe: Because he is a liar! -MP #
  • 23:11 @kimerakincaid: We are talking about dildoes and embarrassing removals of things from orifices! *helps* -MP #
  • 00:32 Happy New Year! -MP #
  • 00:34 @andsayhello: ...ahaha ILU. -MP #
  • 02:00 Yay, i can has phone again. (battery was dead and only had car charger, thus sudden silence.) -MP #
  • 02:16 Dear twitter, did you fall asleep on me again? -MP #
  • 02:20 @just3apples: I am not niebriated! I just had sparkling strawberry juice! -MP #
  • 03:00 Happy New Year , West Coast! #

[Don't you wish I'd just stuck with posting once a month or when there's LJ/6Apart wank?]
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