I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Yes, she finally signed up with Twitter.

  • 08:52 Good morning Twitter and welcome to my daily "GTFO of my cubicle, Him Next Door" wail. #
  • 10:58 Hot damn, we do have Monday off. *will enjoy it to the utmost, since it's the last paid hol we have until April* #
  • 12:16 Oh, worsted-weight wool, you are warm, but scratchy. *rubs arms* #
  • 12:20 ...OMFG, tell me I am not having an allergic reaction to wool. *eyes rashy-looking forearms* #
  • 12:21 I cannot reinforce my mother's annoying assumption that I am allergic to everything she is. No. *issues* #
  • 12:56 @TakenByTheWind THEY ARE THERE. IT HAD TO BE DONE. #
  • 14:33 @lemonyfresh_tim Yay Tim! #

[Don't you wish I'd just stuck with posting once a month or when there's LJ/6Apart wank?]
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