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Heh - The Dislexicon of Gila-ness

gilative (gila-ative) associated with gila

progila (pro-gila) supporting or favoring gila

chlorogila (chloro-gila) green colored gila


gilaious (gila-ious) full of or having the qualities of gila

semigila (semi-gila) half or partial gila

gilator (gila-ator) one that acts in the manner of gila

stereogilametric (stereo-gila-metric) relating to measurement of solid or three dimensional gila

polygilaial (poly-gila-ial) of, relating to, or characterized by more than one or excessive gila

(how could you have excessive gila, hmm?)

disgila (dis-gila) not gila

gilaless (gila-less) without gila

gilaphobia (gila-phobia) fear of gila

gilaferous (gila-ferous) producing or containing gila

gilaise (gila-ise) to cause to be or to become gila

gilaproof (gila-proof) able to withstand gila

(ha! Show me this fictional person.)

gilaology (gila-ology) science or study of gila

gilability (gila-ability) inclination or suitability for gila

microgilascope (micro-gila-scope) instrument for viewing or measuring a small gila

Edited to add: : Hava nagila (ha-va na-gila) come let us be glad and rejoice in the Gila-ness
~courtesy of saturn_girl
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