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the survey thingie

best time to write:

Bwhahaha. Lately? When someone is on the other end of a chat window. My solo-ness seems to have fizzled these days. Theoretically though, at work when there's nothing to do, or late at night, at home.

got a specific play list?:

Nope. Music when I'm writing tends to distract me. Note that much of early Chocolatey Goodness was written while listening to the Cardcaptor Sakura soundtrack, though, because Jen was playing it in the office, and since it was *her* office, I couldn't really bitch. Er, much.

prose easier than dialogue?

Depends on the story and the characters. Often, yes. Especially in serious stories. Domestic Piranhas, OTOH, is much more dialogue than prose, and since the dialogue is allowed to be silly, it isn't usually difficult, comparatively.

enjoy writing sex scenes?

Yes. The buildup to them, though, making them feel natural, is a big honking pain in the ass. And that's the best part of the story, of course. It's where the real work goes in.

most troublesome words:

Spike (Spiek or Psike), Xander (Xnader) and stairs (staors)

do you use stickmen?

Nope. Just try to make sure things aren't going where they couldn't possibly go, picture still scenes, describe sensations, emotions and body parts, and hope for the best.

favourite character pov right now:

I think Spike is always my favourite, followed by Xander, and Tara.
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