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Strangers In Paradise Icon-Dump of. Um.

So it occurred to me that other people besides me and rhi_silverflame are fans of Terry Moore's delightful and infuriating saga of of girls, boys, true love, lack of continuity and the Lesbian Mafia, and might actually have a use for the icons I've created for That Thing We Do. So I started gathering them up.

And they didn't fit in one post.

Or two posts.

So, um, yes. Have 508 Strangers In Paradise icons, plus a Francine mood-theme. Want, take have, adapt. I certainly don't mind being noted in the icon keywords (at least for the ones I did the coloring on) but the only credit I really care about staying with the images is Terry Moore's. Comments delightful but not necessary.

Francine icons
Katchoo icons
OTP, supporting character, and digitally-colored icons
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