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Strangers In Paradise Icon-Dump of. Um.
So it occurred to me that other people besides me and rhi_silverflame are fans of Terry Moore's delightful and infuriating saga of of girls, boys, true love, lack of continuity and the Lesbian Mafia, and might actually have a use for the icons I've created for That Thing We Do. So I started gathering them up.

And they didn't fit in one post.

Or two posts.

So, um, yes. Have 508 Strangers In Paradise icons, plus a Francine mood-theme. Want, take have, adapt. I certainly don't mind being noted in the icon keywords (at least for the ones I did the coloring on) but the only credit I really care about staying with the images is Terry Moore's. Comments delightful but not necessary.

Francine icons
Katchoo icons
OTP, supporting character, and digitally-colored icons


2009-05-22 06:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

Nope! At least in the early years, I couldn't either. Bambi's more bulked-up, but that didn't get as obvious until later. I just know from context (aka Terry mentioned it later at some point) that this one is Bambi, because she was the one who went after Katchoo in the department store in vol 2, and the other two are Tambi.


2009-05-22 06:28 pm (UTC) (Link)

Haha, is she? I'd never noticed. Thank you~