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*raises head*

You know those huge long periods when you don't post but you're still reading and suddenly you realize it's been like...September since you posted anything and that was flocked because it was about work and you'd like to acknowledge that you're still alive and in fact kind of dumbass in love with nerdy boys who can't quite manage to squelch their Irish accents and less nerdy boys with funny teeth and highly-polished armor, and WTF cut from marble girls who at this point don't even bother to hide their Irish accents, but it's been so long since you raised your head that you're kind of fearful of posting due to the sad, boring sameitude of the answers you're going to have to give to "Where the Hell have you been?" because as always it's fandomhigh?

No, just me?

P.S. Yep, I know my site's semi-down, though I've restored most of the fic.
Tags: annual still alive post, fandom: merlin, rpg: fandom high
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