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You know, I really should not have been allowed to find the money cheat on SIMS. I keep building these grnadiose houses that are wonderful inside, with kinds of nooks and crannies and extra bathrooms. And from outside, they look like warehouses, because I'm using all that interior space, instead of wasting it on letting the house look interesting from outside.

And yet... I think that's the way I want to live. Aside from not having a yard full of windblown trash, I could care less what the outside looks like, as long as I enjoy the inside.

Cough. Yes, I realize this works as a metaphor. I'm ignoring that, la la la.


2002-04-14 11:54 am (UTC) (Link)

Aidan Logan's four-story storehouse, absolutely gorgeous and beautiful on the inside. At least so it sounds to me. For full descriptions of her house and the way she remodeled it, you shall have to read Rhiannon Shaw's Quarrels of All Kinds</a> at the Eyrie, which despite the URL is NOT the warnings page. I let you skip that one, knowing that you're a fellow slash slut. ;)

It's Highlander fic, and it has as a main character an OFC, however, she is the only OFC in existence that I will wholeheartedly recommend. It's also M/F, at least in *this particular story*. It ends up being M/M/F, with a Methos/Duncan/Aidan triad; notice I put M/M/F, NOT M/F/M, because it's not a V with Aidan in the middle -- Rhiannon fully acknowledges that Methos and Duncan are thoroughly in love with each other. ;) And yes, this *is* one of those stories where the OFC manages to convince the two guys that they're in love with each other...sort of...but since Duncan helped convince Aidan to sleep with Methos *first* me? They're fabulous stories even if you DON'T like Highlander.

The only series in which I actually *like* Duncan, in fact. (The only other Highlander series I read on a regular basis is Methos/Richie.) And why yes, I *do* go around pushing gryphonrhi's fic on a regular basis. She's my #1 favourite author in any fandom, bar none. The first story that introduces Duncan to Aidan, Absent Companions, has its serious OFC flaws (she's too good to be true, in that story; her flaws as a Real Person are developed as you go along), but other than that, her stories are enthralling.