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It's that time of year, yes.

When the raising of head is blatantly and shamelessly about fandomhigh, because applications for new students and teachers for the Spring 2010 semester are open!

Four and a half years and still going. Zoe Winchester (formerly Washburn) is our Principal. Deadpool is VP. Barney Stinson is Dean of Students, and Nathan 'Cable' Summers is the Mayor. Anakin Skywalker teaches, drives the welcome bus, and frequently gets bitten by gremlins. The students, teachers, townies and active alumni hail from 157 different fandoms and the senior class includes Alice Liddell (American McGee version), Cordelia Chase, Chuck Bass, Arthur Pendragon, Merlin and Morgana, Worf, Jaina Solo, Lois Lane, Sam Winchester, Dinah Lance, Hannibal King and Leto Atreides. Among *points to icon* others.

It's brain-sucking crackdramacomedyfun and it's entirely possible that if you join, you'll never get your life back. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend. But don't take my word for it. The characters put together a little brochure:

[The shoeless wonder, for the curious, isn't Claire from Lost; it's Tahiri Veila from the Star Wars EU.]
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