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Though my back hurts like a mofo for no apparent reason, right along the sciatic nerve. Awesome.

Also I don't want to go home and take the trash out so here's a ficlet meme, snurched from tinylegacies and the_afterlight.

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.

1. Morgana, BBC's Merlin
2. David Nabbit, Angel: the series
3. Ace, Doctor Who
4. Emmett Honeycutt, QAF US
5. Nancy Thompson, Nightmare on Elm Street
6. Gaius, BBC's Merlin
7. Cordelia Chase, BtVS/Angel
8. Jayne Cobb, Firefly
9. Emily Lightman, Lie To Me
10. Vila Restal, Blake's Seven

2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers.

Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1!

FIRST TIME: #4 & #6: Emmett Honeycutt and Gaius

That was the first and last time they ever played Doctor. Leeches, ugh.

ANGST: #7: Cordelia Chase

"What the hell do you MEAN I can't get Cosmo delivered to Heaven?"

AU: #1 & #8: Morgana and Jayne Cobb

Next time he calls her Vera in bed, she's lighting him afire with her brain.

THREESOME: #3, #6 & #9: Ace, Gaius, Emily Lightman *

Iceworld nights are cold. The girls keep each other warm. Gaius cooks and curses timestorms.

HURT/COMFORT: #5 & #10: Nancy Thompson, Vila Restal

He wakes screaming, then there's a girl. "Don't fall back asleep. Take these." Caffeine pills.

CRACK: #1:Morgana

Peacock reincarnation was fine, but if Arthur didn't stop preening she'd peck him to death.

HORROR: #10: Vila Restal

"Vila, how is the Communist Manifesto a horror novel?"

"A society with nothing to steal?"

BABY FIC: #5 & #9: Nancy Thompson, Emily Lightman

Emily says, "Tell me Freddy's gone forever." Nancy lies badly. The baby never naps alone.

DARK FIC: #2 & #8: David Nabbit, Jayne Cobb

"So what, you been on ice all these years?"

"Not exactly." The fangs come out.

ROMANCE: #4 & #7: Emmett Honeycutt, Cordelia

"You're sure Angel's not on your team?"

"Honey, I've seen him dance. He's allll yours."

DEATH FIC: #2 & #3: David Nabbit, Ace

Claw through her new friend's heart, bat through the demon's skull. Seemed fair to Ace.


* My God, the number of times I re-wrote that. Gaius is 80-something. Emily's fourteen.
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