I Blame the Dutch mpoetess
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My kingdom for a nap.
If I had a kingdom.

*eyes recent spoilery discussions around the Eljay about the Buffy Season 8 storyline*

Oh, Joss. Oh honey. You are such a fandom troll.

(I can only bear to giggle instead of gnash teeth because he frankly lost any chance at my considering the comics part of the canon continuity when Skinless Warren walked into the picture. Or rather when I realized a bit later the reason he shouldn't be walking into the picture besides 'Oh God not him again.')

...Yeah, I know. Giant Dawn I can handle. Buffy and Satsu, I can not only handle, I loved, in all its doomed-to-failure fuckeduppery, because it was interesting. (Dear fandom: here is a Kinsey Scale. Step on it.) But 'oops, when we brought back this character and said he survived, we forgot we used him as a plot point in an arc about a creature that can only impersonate the dead?' That'd be the point where it became fanfic.


2010-03-04 11:48 pm (UTC) (Link)

I should say, it's not that the plot inconsistency is a fanficcy thing by nature - I agree that the show itself has them. I just mean that that particular plot inconsistency is the one that made me throw up my hands and say "No, seriously, no. This is now an AU. I disown it."