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Still Here, Yeah
In lieu of at least four unrelated rants (on, in no particular order, a roleplaying thing, a different roleplaying thing, general self-dissatisfaction, and Merlin fandom) I give you:

Francine Peters in the Green Lantern Corps

Sketch by Terry Moore, digicolor by MP. (Background by... frak knows; I think it's a Hubble image.)

Also, the fact that Amy Pond is the bomb-diggety.


2010-07-06 11:30 pm (UTC) (Link)

and Merlin fandom

Is Merlin fandom a trainwreck or something? I've only just started watching it, and I'm only about four episodes in. It's very cute. But does something wanky happen that makes the fandom explode with stupidity? I don't care if you spoil me.


2010-07-06 11:48 pm (UTC) (Link)

Publicly it's pretty sane, but the anonmeme, which I follow like an inveterate scab-picker, makes me despair for humanity most days.

Show-wise.... there's no one huge wanky explosion thing, just steadily groan-worthy lack of continuity, horribly-paced character and relationship development (Arthur and Gwen: *don't notice each other for an entire season, are declaring their affection in ep 2 of season 2*) and a show-runner who thinks Arthur continuing to be conveniently knocked unconscious every time Merlin uses magic, to the point where he seriously must have brain-damage by now, is the most hilarious thing ever, and the heart of the show.

...And I adore the show. Snerk.

(Also, admittedly, my Merlin fandom bitch right now is more "FFS what is wrong with you people who haven't commented on today's reel_merlin fic, sjkdghasjdgh" which is less a fandom issue and more one of beta-reader harumphing.)