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Still Here, Yeah
In lieu of at least four unrelated rants (on, in no particular order, a roleplaying thing, a different roleplaying thing, general self-dissatisfaction, and Merlin fandom) I give you:

Francine Peters in the Green Lantern Corps

Sketch by Terry Moore, digicolor by MP. (Background by... frak knows; I think it's a Hubble image.)

Also, the fact that Amy Pond is the bomb-diggety.


2010-07-07 01:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

I saw him promising it, but I got so tired of watching his twitpic account redirect to twitter user #unresolved after 30 seconds that I gave up refreshing before he actually posted it.

1. *grabbyhands*

2. Terry, remember the streak someday?
a) It's pretty
b) It reminds us that you have some concept of continuity. The tattoo was a nice touch, but vague psychic powers? Ring a beeeelll?