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Dear Merlin Fandom*:

This, this, this.

Especially as so very very many of you don't actually post fic in comms, you link to the work in your LJ, which means that "View entries on my friends page in my own style" doesn't work, and ?style=mine has to be added manually.

ILU guys but do you realize how awful some of your tiny, tiny cramped journal layouts are for reading fic? Or, for that matter, having any in depth discussions about fic or anything else, when the comments are so over-formatted that by the time you're three comments down a thread,

they read




Just saying.


PS: Those of you who also link to AO3 are FTW and don't make me quite as sadpanda, though still, you might want to keep the comment/discussion thing in mind for LJ and DW.
*(Or possibly just Dear Fandom, but you can tell where I've been reading mass quantities of fic recently.)
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