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I yet live, and have both news, and that lethargy about posting that's partly time, and partly "Oh God, I haven't posted anything in forever, and the longer I wait the more self-conscious I feel." So this is me nipping that in the bud, yo.

News! We are, thank the deity or lack thereof of your choice, moving.

Not far, not out of the city, but out of the crack-den* and over to the university area south of downtown, which is just... lovely and non-terrifying, and the same distance from work as our current house, while being 20 minutes closer to maeyan's mom. It also means that OMG people will actually be able to visit me at some point, without dealing with the sinkhole that is our current house.

Best of all, the new one is in the final stages of being completely refurbished, and is just an awesome home. One less bedroom than we have now, but the rooms themselves are huge, the garage is 2-car and attached and wasn't built in 1912 facing an alleyway, the AC is central and new, as are the furnace and hot water heater. It's got a fully covered back porch that's essentially an extra living-room, two full baths as opposed to our current one half bath, new carpet in all the rooms, big open kitchen space with a breakfast bar type counter.

Ain't bragging, I'm just thrilled. And lucky. It's an incredibly good place for an incredibly good price, and I'll cop to the fact that we almost didn't even look at it because I wasn't keen on it being in the middle of refurbishing and there were no interior pictures at all. Luckily both maeyan and our agent replied to my "I'm doubtful but I'm willing to see it if you guys want to" with "yes, let's" and the rest is put-in-an-offer-on-it-the-same-day-we-first-saw-it history.


From the front

It is, yes, as halfnorn says, a very American house. But it's made of brick, not wood, so perhaps someday she will come and sleep in it.


The front porch is fully ramped, which will make firesweeper happy.

Living/family/dining room

From opposite POVs to give a (still kind of crappy) idea of how big it is. They knocked out a (non load-bearing) wall at some point to combine the living and dining rooms. That door you see to the left in picture 1 and ahead of you in picture 2 goes to the garage, and it's getting replaced before we close, because it's not fire-rated. (Dude, they accepted every additional repair request we gave them. Our real estate agent was shocked.)

Back porch from the inside

It'll have carpet before we close on the house, as well.

Back porch from the outside

And from the back.


The two storage buildings are huge, water-tight, and the one on the right is fully wired with its own switchbox, about 6 internal outlets and two on the outside. Plus a roll-up door on the right side with a ramp for driving a riding mower in.


Back inside, that's the hallway to the left when entering from the front door. Two bedrooms on the left, bath, linen closet and master bedroom on the right.

Front Bedrooms

One of those is the guest room, one is maeyan's.

Hall bath

It's... a bathroom.

Master bedroom

And the master, which is miiine. (Because maeyan has the master bedroom in our current house.) This one's actually taken standing inside the bedroom; what you're looking at is the master bath, with sink and closet visible, and the actual bath tucked away to the left where you can't see it. The whole thing closes off with pocket doors that are hiding in the walls in this picture.

We close a week from Thursday, good lord willing and the creeks don't rise, and someone is probably sighing at me for poking superstitious buttons, but now was the time when I actually had a good moment to organize pictures and post about it while not going crazy with other stuff!

* I am not kidding, being overdramatic, or profiling the area because of its racial make-up. There actually was a crack house two doors down from us. I also got very politely advised to head on to the next bus stop a block away because this one was the Ho Corner. By the ladies in question. That's on top of our own house, car, and garage being broken into on three separate occasions. So yeah.
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