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Spreading the Fannish Love

Fandom High people will probably be seeing this for the 60th time, but there's a lot of folks on my friendslist (and several Aussies) who predate that, so here's one more voice to spread the word.

Sharron -- RP friends will recognize her as Jack Harkness 2.0, Karal, and Harriet Jones (we know who you are) among fondly-remembered others -- lives in Queensland, Australia, and her home has been completely submerged in the recent flooding.

She and her kitties are safe and doing well (though without a mailing address at the moment), but she's lost almost everything she owns -- including every book.

Sorry, should probably have cut and warned for geek nightmare fuel there. Oops.

The one-two punch of good fortune:

1. LibraryThing is literary-nerd OCD heaven, and Sharron's entire underwater collection is cataloged there

2. coltsbane and anomilygrace have done a very awesome thing that's resulted in a lot of people being very awesome: they've organized a drive to recreate it through used-book donations from friends, fellow fans, and even some generous authors.

If you feel like helping out with your own extra copies, take a walk over to the post linked above and check out the list to see if you've got any of the missing titles. There's contact information and plans in place for collecting up the books both from the US (which will then be shipped abroad at a discounted rate) and elsewhere (coltsbane is in Australia, but thankfully out of the flood's path). If you'd like to help but can't share/send books, they're also accepting PayPal donations for the overseas shipping costs.
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