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Oh, Right, I'm Home
Now you see why I wasn't too worried about spamming you with surgery updates, let alone TMI ones. I got home Wednesday evening, and have been... varying degrees of awake and alive since.

Some math that is now my day: I'm supposed to down 64 oz of fluids per day and 60-80 grams of protein. Since I'm still on a liquid diet, these obviously coincide at the moment, but still... It's almost 6 and I've managed about 16 oz of fluid so far. It'd be a whole lot easier if I didn't feel like crap when I drink more than an ounce in an hour or so.

Luckily I get to count liquid hydrocodone, woohoo! (Sadly not towards the protein.)

On the plus side, when I am awake and not feeling like crap, I'm managing to walk about half a mile a day (at around 1 mph, snerk). The later parts of the day just involve more sleeping and inability to concentrate on tiny lettery things on a screen.

Apologies in advance (and in retrospect for the last few posts) for my haphazard ability to reply to comments!
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2011-01-30 06:48 pm (UTC) (Link)

Take it easy on yourself. Right now your body is devoting a lot of energy to healing and rebuilding. Best to let your body do its thing and give it the chance to give you the best post-surgery foundation possible.

Mind you, you are free to mock me with this if I have any kind of surgery in the future and don't do all the happy resting/healing things I'm supposed to be doing. ;)