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Because it's been driving *me* nuts...

"What an awesome header," said I, after the initial chortling over what an awesome concept it was, on viewing the U.S. CDC's Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Guide.

And then I started seeing it every freakin' where.

"The hell?" said I, on pulling up House of Fallen while doing my daily Amazon crawl for decent streaming horror movies, after having already blinked at Bat Sh*t Crazy* on the shelf at my local Family Video. "Is this some incredibly popular piece of zombie art that the talented but crazyflakes artist dumped into the public domain, and everyone everywhere has picked it up?

No, it's just stock photography and uncreative marketing divisions. But at least, thanks to Google and TinEye, it's not driving me nuts anymore, and I can go watch an undoubtedly bad** horror anthology starring Corbin Bernsen and C. Thomas Howell. Just in case it was driving you nuts too, I thought I'd post about it.

*Asteriskery not mine; shit, ya'all, since when have I ever avoided cussing like a sailor around here?
**Nothing to do with the actors in question, just Sturgeon's Law, which seems to get a +8 modifier (so 98% of everything is dreck) when it comes to a) horror movies, and b) movies available through streaming video via Amazon or Netflix.
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