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Stuff Wot I Caught Up On Watching

Doctor Who: Night Terrors + next week's trailer

Really, show, really? Not one word from Amy about how the monsters in her bedroom were real, TYVM, Rory, so STFU and let's find this kid?

Unless that's supposed to be a deliberate hint that her past has been so overwritten that she doesn't remember how she met the Doctor, that was a lame lack of connection.

Overall okay episode (I adored the wits-end but loving father), if a little fillerish, but it also just reinforced the WTF of Amy and Rory more or less going "Welp, our baby's gone and we'll only ever see her as an adult again, let's have adventures!"

Next week: more timey-wimey evidence of why I should put my dreams of RP-ing Amy on the shelf until she leaves the damn show, assuming she doesn't leave by swallowing her own tail and fading out of ever having existed. Don't get me wrong; I love timey-wimey; I just need a character backstory I can count on, and that ain't it.

Lost Girl 2x01: Something Wicked This Fae Comes

A case of "This isn't a season premiere, it's an epilogue to the finale" that wasted the circus setting hard, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Granted, hello huge fracking missed opportunity to have Bo consummate the bond with the land in place of L'Douchebag Sluagh, but on the other hand, the lack of consummation has been acknowledged as an ongoing issue, so perhaps it'll show up again later.

Loved Bo getting so distracted by the super-sexy-pagan-rave that Kenzi had to yank her back into focus; loved Bo and Hale working together, loved Kenzi and Hale being the ones to Go There with bad "lay of the land" puns.

Did not love Dyson, as I think we were not intended to in this ep. but oh God am I pleased that he got the reveal out to Bo this early so some of the bitterer speculations of frustrated Bo/Lauren shippers can be avoided. I for one would be happy to see both Lauren as a character and the Bo/Lauren ship get more development this season, without it having to be at the expense of shipwars, bitching, and Dyson-hate.

I have nothing to say about the latest True Blood except I liked it and can't wait for the season finale, which doesn't need spoiler cuttage.
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