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Why Comments Rock, by Mad Poetess, Grade 11

Actually, just a little joy post, because I was thinking -- are we talking less on mailing lists? Possibly. I was never *on* the mailing lists where there was talk. I was on ficlists where talk was *annoying* to the point of teeth grinding. But are we talking more here? Do I talk to people here, via LJ and blogs, who I'd never have come in contact with, because they're not in my fandom, or not in my pairing, or not even slash writers, necessarily?

Hell, yes.

And what occurred to me is that it's not the online journal thing. Because they've been around for quite a while, in some form or other. I remember reading Sam's rants page, Te's vanity page, pre-blog. And then blogs happened, or happened more loudly, and this was good and entertaining, but we still weren't *talking* to each other. One might get the occasional reply by e-mail, to a blog post, but for the most part, I as a reader at least felt like, "Ok, cool, I know a bit more about what this writer thinks, know she bites her nails and she hates the term "femslash" -- but I didn't feel like I was required -- or requested -- or necessarily even welcome -- to respond to it. So we talked in those same feedback and irc circles, but if you didn't know so-and-so with the interesting rants personally, chances were you weren't *likely* to know her anytime soon.

But these little comment links. And the threads. And the userpics that are making even diehard bloggers and antibloggers and design-my-own-journal-thank-you-ers flock to LJ. And the comments features in blog and greymatter and movable text (though MT still has freaky display problems that require refreshing when I first load Sarah T's journal, not that LJ doesn't have its own aggravating insanities, like not loading for non-members, babble babble) as well. Now that there's this *immediacy* -- that we can click a link and respond to a thought, and someone else can respond to our thoughts, and...

Yeah, yeah, it's like a moderated posting board, which is pretty much like a BBS which is before my time because I'm only in 11th grade, squee, so shut up loreleif. Edited to add, "It's all James' fault." But it's fandom in all these neat little interactions, and we talk, and we make friends, and we read fic and we rec fic and we talk about fic and we bitch about shows and sometimes we throw food at each other, because, hello, still 11th graders, but it's *good*.


So. Comments, yay!

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