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Thing One and Thing Two

Thing One: Deborah (jadelennox) has made the word's most hilarious Domestic Piranhas comic, which is here. Pelt her with bonbons.

Thing Two: As usual, fandom things are moving much too fast for me to comprehend. The words "Angel Virtual Season" were mentioned, and bandwagons have been jumped, but I'm having difficulty keeping track of the number of wagons and which directions they're heading in, and which one I'm supposed to be onboard, and whether my luggage isn't still on one of the other ones.

I made an LJ community for the purposes of discussing said bandwagon, when I thought there was only one. I offer it now as a place to chat for fellow travelers, no matter what your transportation choice is -- at least until we can figure out how many there are and if there needs to be another community.

It's here:


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