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Rant of the aged and terminally past-it ex-English-major

So, sometimes, when I'm desperately trying to avoid writing, for my own neurotic reasons, I actually go out and visit other aspects of BtVS fandom. (And other fandoms, but I'm pretty much Buffy-obssessed for the moment).

I think, 'No new fics, and even if there were, I'm in a mood where most of them would depress me simply because I haven't posted anything myself in a while, so I'll just wander out into the big wide world and see what the non-slashers have to say.'

Then I remember how many 15 year olds there are out there.

Then I remember that for some reason they feel compelled to actually open their mouths and *speak*. Or rather, type.

I have no problem with the existence of 15 year olds. Contrary to popular rumour, which is that I was hatched full blown from a nuclear reactor at the age of 28, I was once 15 myself. I didn't enjoy it, and I did manage, by dint of selling my soul to certain nameless beings of the Cthuloid underworld who shall remain nameless, to only be 15 for six months, entirely skipping the months of November 1989 through April 1990. But still-- I have some street cred.

When I was 15, I knew how to use an apostrophe. And capitalize the first letters of sentences. Not to mention the word 'I'. I knew many other people, likewise spending their teen years on earth instead of hanging around in limbo waiting to step forth from the reactor, who were also thusly conversant with punctuation and capitalization, and even had a 'say hi on the street' relationship with either a dictionary, or a spellcheck.

So things like this (*shudder*) fill me with great fear for the future of the human race:

Im 15 and another terribly obssessed teenager! Im pretty much jus like you guys the dreams and everything. I Jus started watching buffy 5th season and it didnt take me long to become obssesed with spike and James! and of course the whole show!!! I cant wait till Sept when FX starts showing reruns, finally I get to see all the things that I missed.

(Yes, it's a real quote, and no, I don't feel particularly guilty for posting it, since I'm not identifying either the writer, or the source. Nor, God forbid, am I claiming it as my own invention.)

What are these young'uns coming to?

Where's my Geritol?

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