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Ahem. A glimpse into the inner workings...
For thebratqueen and zortified and wolfling and any other Angel-lovers out there. Because we loves him, we does.

Feliz belated Cumpleanos, MP!


2002-05-03 10:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

And translated that means: damn, I missed your birthday but here's some better-late-than never-wishes from Texas! Hope it was a good one. Great wall paper! And up at work! You are the BOMB. Take care, mujer.

Re: Feliz belated Cumpleanos, MP!


2002-05-03 10:49 pm (UTC) (Link)


(Okay, I didn't *leave* it up at work. Just while I was actually sitting at my desk. Which faces out. So no one can see my monitor but me. Woo me. Brave, no?)