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HTML is my friend today. Good HTML.

LJ redesign done. If you're bored and you're reading via your friends page, and you actually want to see it, is here.

Lots of journals and other links to add to sidebar, but layout is done, and look! Whee! I have restraints now!

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2002-05-15 08:31 am (UTC) (Link)


I'm still all "Eh?" about blog links. Because they're there for me, so, don't bother putting lj links because I can put those on my friends page, right? Except they're kinda there for other people too, because they might only want to read so-and-so's LJ, and not everybody I consider interesting. Plus there's people who *have* Lj's, whose LJ's I find interesting, that I don't want to friend just because I don't read them every day, and I'm trying to keep my friendslist down to a reasonable number. And conversely, there's people on my friends list who I wouldn't list out on the separate links, because they're not in my fandom, or not writers, just interesting journalers... arrgh.

I'm going with the "I'm nuts, it's random" disclaimer!