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HTML is my friend today. Good HTML.

LJ redesign done. If you're bored and you're reading via your friends page, and you actually want to see it, is here.

Lots of journals and other links to add to sidebar, but layout is done, and look! Whee! I have restraints now!


2002-05-14 07:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

Guh! Just. Guh!

::While Willow guhs, apparently too overcome and drooly to squee, [the rest of us] shall comment on your excellent design.::

  • It Rocks!

  • It's Fic Inducing

  • It makes us want to see Spike strapped naked to the bed.

  • It makes us want to see Xander strapped naked to the bed.

  • It makes me think, Spike is creeping back in there for the restraints.

    Ahh, it also makes me feel like my layout [in progress] is now pitiful. But I'll put it up by this weekend anyway - and you can give me pointers...

    Oh Yoda, Oh Sire, The Irrepressible Amy!


    In other news:

    Willow = Guh!!!

  • mpoetess

    2002-05-15 08:42 am (UTC) (Link)

    Snerk. Pointers. Like a have a damn clue what I;m doing. Trial and error, comepletly.

    Spike and Xander came by to make sure I'm still locked up, of course. But I escaped. And left my glasses, so I don't actually have to look at canon...